About ASK

The Alliance for Safe Kids (ASK) is a Yorktown Heights, New York-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Founded in 2002 by members of the Yorktown community, the Alliance for Safe Kids was incorporated in 2006 as a charitable organization.  ASK is a coalition representing all sectors of our community working together to provide a safety net for the youth and families within our community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote awareness and prevention of substance use/ abuse and other destructive behaviors damaging to our youth.  ASK is a collaboration within the community – parents, teens, educators, law enforcement, government, medical professionals, businesses, faith leaders, civic groups – aimed at providing youth with the information and skills needed to make healthy decisions while emphasizing the need for families to protect and nurture their children by getting informed and getting involved. By partnering with all areas of the community, we collectively strengthen the safety net that protects our youth.

Our Strategy

The use of alcohol and other drugs by youth is a problem that has negative impact on our community.  To address this issue, ASK works to bring together all sectors of our community to implement research-supported strategies that have proven effective in reducing youth substance use.

1. Raise awareness of issues impacting our youth by partnering with the schools and other community organizations to provide up-to-date information.

2. Change norms by emphasizing the perception of harm and by urging parents to communicate disapproval of use.

3. Reduce access to alcohol by encouraging parents and older siblings to refrain from providing alcohol.

4. Encourage visible enforcement by working with the Police Department to implement compliance checks, party patrols and shoulder taps.

5. Offer alternative activities to youth by organizing safe, substance-free opportunities to socialize.

6. Provide skills and training to the community by sponsoring workshops and forums.

Organization and Focus

ASK’s initiatives are overseen by Staff and our Executive Board of Directors with the support of the Community Advisory Board.  Many programs are cooperative activities that rely on the support of local organizations/agencies as well as community volunteers.  Issues targeted by ASK’s programs include alcohol and drug use/abuse, bullying, internet safety, driving safety, depression and suicide, and domestic and dating violence.

Community Details

The Town of Yorktown is located in Northern Westchester County, 35 miles from New York City.  In its 40 square miles, Yorktown is the home of 9,757 families (36,081 people in total).  ASK serves the Yorktown Community (Mohegan Lake, Shrub Oak, Jefferson Valley, and Yorktown Heights), which includes the Lakeland Central School District and the Yorktown Central School District. The Lakeland Central School Districts has a student population of 4,227 enrolled in three elementary schools, middle school, and high school. The Yorktown School District has a student population of 3,962 enrolled in its three elementary schools, middle school, and high school.

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