Teen Nights

Teen Nights

Teen Nights are a collaboration between ASK and local business to create safe and substance-free evenings for teens to socialize.  Events are chaperoned by parent volunteers and monitored by the police department as part of their patrol route.

If you are a business interested in hosting a Teen Night, please email ASK!

Check out our event calendar to find out the next date!

Past Events:

June 20, 2015: D.A.R.E. Graduation Celebration at Solaris

April 25, 2015: ASK Middle School Music and Sports Party at Solaris

November 7, 2014: ASK Middle School Sports/Dance Party at Club Fit

June 14, 2014: DARE Celebration Party

April 26, 2014: Middle School Teen Night

October 8, 2013: Teen Night Dance Party

June 8, 2013: DARE Celebration Party

April 19, 2013: Solaris Teen Night