Suggested Reading List

“After a Suicide: Young People Speak Up”

By: Susan Kuklin Nine personal accounts of survivors, many of whom are teens. Each account focuses on a specific topic, such as losing a parent, losing a sibling, seeking therapy, support groups.

After Suicide Loss: Coping with Your Grief”

By: Bob Baugher, Ph.D., and Jack Jordan, Ph.D. This excellent handbook is organized chronologically, around the first days, weeks, and months of a suicide loss. It includes straightforward information about psychiatric disorders, and when to seek professional help, as well as practical strategies for coping and healing.

“Basketball Junkie: A Memoir”

By: Chris Herren Rolling Stone profiled him, 60 Minutes interviewed him, and the Denver Nuggets drafted him. When the Boston Celtics acquired his contract, he lived the dream of every Massachusetts kid—but off the court Herren was secretly crumbling, as his alcohol and drug use escalated and his life spiraled out of control.  Twenty years later, Chris Herren was married to his high-school sweetheart, the father of three young children, and a heroin junkie. His basketball career was over, consumed by addictions; he had no job, no skills, and was a sadly familiar figure to those in Fall River who remembered him as a boy, now prowling the streets he once ruled, looking for a fix. One day, for a time he cannot remember, he would die. In his own words, Chris Herren tells how he nearly lost everything and everyone he loved, and how he found a way back to life. Powerful, honest, and dramatic, Basketball Junkie is a remarkable memoir, harrowing in its descent, and heartening in its return. 

“The Church of 80% Sincerity”

By: David Roche “The Church of 80% Sincerity” shares the inspiring, poignant, wickedly funny, and sometimes heartbreaking story of motivational speaker David Roche’s journey from shame to self-acceptance. Born with a severe facial deformity, David’s life has been anything but easy. Still, over time, he’s learned to accept his gifts as well as his flaws, and to see that, sometimes, they are one and the same. In this compelling book, he shares his hard-earned lessons, providing an irresistible and unforgettable glimpse of his (and everyone’s) inner beauty and offering profound encouragement in dealing with whatever life brings.

“Come Back: A Mother and Daughter’s Journey Through Hell and Back”

By: Claire & Mia Fontaine In powerful parallel stories, mother and daughter give mesmerizing first-person accounts of the nightmare that shattered their family and the amazing journey they took to find their way back to each other. Claire Fontaine’s relentless cross-country search for her missing child and ultimate decision to force her into treatment in Eastern Europe is a gripping tale of dead ends, painful revelations, and, at times, miracles. Mia Fontaine describes her refuge in the seedy underworld of felons and addicts as well as the jarring shock of the extreme, if loving, school that enabled her to overcome depression and self-loathing. Both women detail their remarkable process of self-examination and healing with humor and unsparing honesty. “Come Back” is an unforgettable true story of love and transformation that will resonate with mothers and daughters everywhere.

“From the Ashes Flies the Phoenix: Creating a Powerful Life After a Suicide”

By: Gretta Krane The survivor of her husband’s suicide, Gretta Krane shares her own journey, with the hope that it will inspire others to find self-discovery, growth, and hope in the aftermath of suicide loss.

“The Los Angeles Diaries: A Memoir”

By: James Brown Plagued by the suicides of both his siblings, and heir to alcohol and drug abuse, divorce, and economic ruin, James Brown lived a life clouded by addiction, broken promises, and despair. In “The Los Angeles Diaries”, he reveals his struggle for survival, mining his past to present the inspiring story of his redemption. Beautifully written and limned with dark humor, these twelve deeply confessional, interconnected chapters address personal failure, heartbreak, the trials of writing for Hollywood, and the life-shattering events that finally convinced Brown that he must “change or die.”

“Lost & Found: A Mother and Son Find Victory Over Teen Drug Addiction”

By: Christy Crandwell On the surface, Christy Crandell was a wonderful “stay-at-home mom” in a perfect family. Christy and her loving husband, Rick, were devoted to their two sons. From her son’s sports programs to school activities, Sunday school and family holidays together, Christy was an active, supportive parent in a traditional family. Christy’s world was shattered when her teenage son, Ryan, became addicted to drugs, was arrested and convicted of armed robbery. How could a child who grew up in this warm, loving family choose a life of drugs and crime? What led to his decisions? Could anything have changed Ryan’s decisions? More importantly, what can you, as a parent, do to prevent this from happening to your family? Inside this boook, you’ll find resources for parents, drug charts with common street names and real answers to vital questions such as: *What should I do if I suspect my child is using drugs? *What are the signs and symptoms of drug use? *Where can I get treatment for my teenager who is using drugs? *Should I be concerned if my teenager is drinking alcohol? This is Christy’s story. It is a story of hope, compasssion and one woman’s determination to put powerful information and practical help into the hands of every parent.

“My Uncle Keith Died”

By: Carol Ann Loehr Written in clear simple language easily understood by children, this book offers hope and practical ways to explain suicide to children. It explains the difference between sadness and depression, and describes how chemical imbalances in the brain cause illnesses that can result in suicide.

“This River: A Memoir”

By: James Brown Award-winning author James Brown gained a cult following after chronicling his turbulent childhood and spiraling drug addiction in “The Los Angeles Diaries”. “This River” picks up where Brown left off in his first memoir, describing his tenuous relationship with sobriety, telling of agonizing relapses, and tracking his attempts to become a better father. This is the heartbreaking and at times uplifting tale of Brown’s battles, peeking into his former life as an addict and detailing his subsequent ascent to sobriety and fight for redemption.

“Weeping Willow: Lessons of Loss and Love”

By: Michelle Scavarda After a young girl tragically loses one of her siblings, she learns through many trials and tribulations how to live without someone who was once apart of her every day life. Become engulfed in the emotions, reading through each page as if you were being personally told her story, and relating it to your own life. With Weeping Willow, you’ll find comfort, peace of mind, be inspired and learn something new about yourself. Open Weeping Willow and begin a journey you’ll always remember.

“What Your Mother Never Told You–A Survival Guide for Teen Girls”

By: Rich Dudum “What Your Mother Never Told You” uses contemporary teenage terminology with clever memorable phrases, tools, and strategies to empower teenagers to be responsible for their decisions and actions.