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Volunteer Opportunities 

October 3, 2015: Paint the Mall Pink (JV Mall), 11:30am-3:30pm Come help ASK at an event designed to bring awareness to Breast and Ovarian Cancers. All proceeds will benefit Brielle Furci.

October 4, 2015: Support Connection Walk (FDR Park), 8-10am Come help ASK at our table before the walk begins.

October 11, 2015: Yorktown’s Fall Festival and Street Fair (Commerce Street), 10am-5:30pm Come help ASK with fun activities throughout the day.

October 13, 2015: Red Ribbon Week #1 (ASK Office), 2-5pm Meeting to plan set up and pick up materials.

October 17, 2015: Wifftoberfest (Navajo Fields), 9:30am-5pm Come help ASK at this family friendly event.

October 20, 2015: Red Ribbon Week #2 (TBD), 2pm Decorate Yorktown with Red Ribbons

October 22, 2015: Red Ribbon Week #3 (JV Mall), 2pm Decorate the JV Mall with Red Ribbons

October 31, 2015: Halloween Parade & Carnival (Commerce Street), 1:30pm-5pm Come help ASK with fun activities throughout the afternoon

Sign up today!  Email us: volunteer@allianceforsafekids.org

Thinking about volunteering for the Alliance for Safe Kids but wondering what sets us apart from other organizations?

Patrick Talbert: I started to volunteer for ASK while I was in the 8th grade. I had attended some of their events, had a good time and found out that I could volunteer at future ones. I liked that I could help out and have some fun with friends at the same time. I am currently a student in college and I am still volunteering my time with ASK. Over the years, I have volunteered with at Yorktown’s Community Day, The Taste of Yorktown, Save a Life and many Teen Nights. I actually find it to be a lot of fun volunteering with ASK because they encourage teenagers like myself to get involved with community wide events. In the end, I am having fun while helping to make a difference in my community.

Nicole Tolli: Since I was introduced to ASK through Mrs. Tricy Cushner a few years ago, I’ve enjoyed working on many community service projects and events with an amazing group of people. This organization educates and helps safe guard the community through fun and creative events. I believe their message is an important one that should be spread throughout the youth of the town and that’s why I volunteer.

Emily Turiano: I volunteer for ASK because I believe it’s a really great way to teach kids of all ages that there are so many other things they can do besides drinking or doing drugs to have fun. I love that ASK provides events for kids to have fun and show them that you don’t have to fall under the pressure that many kids face today. I also love that I can give back to the community and represent this organization’s cause.

Stefanie Carbone: Choosing to volunteer for  ASK has played an important role in my family for the past several years. As my husband and I raise our two children, we’ve made it a priority to have them experience the same reward of helping others. Volunteering together at community events geared to provide safe, alternative activities  for high school and middle school children on weekend nights, is a wonderful way to spend time together as a family.  To quote our son Joey,  “it makes me feel good to help someone out”. In Spring 2011, our daughter Anna  received her Girl Scout Gold Award for her Bully Prevention Program which she brought to the After School Enrichment Program.  ASK helped sponsor Anna’s project which culminated in a public service announcement addressing the consequences of bullying others.  Joey, not only participated in the prevention program which met weekly for three months, but was also a participant in the public service announcement.  What a joy as parents to see our two children working side by side on a project  designed to create awareness and hopefully make a difference in our schools on how children treat each other on a daily basis.  Without the support and guidance of ASK, this project would not have been so fun or successful. The numerous adults who help out at ASK have now served as immediate role models in our own children’s lives.  In fact, because of the positive experiences, as well as the warm interactions our daughter  has had with the ASK volunteers and staff,  she is now considering a career in public/community service herself. Helping truly is contagious; it starts right here in our homes, our schools..our community.  We all can get by with a little help from our friends…and that is exactly why we as a family will continue to serve our community.  Why not?